Verum Ingredients
prebiotic R&D programArray

Our prebiotic R&D program receives further financing

The new, larger grant will allow the launch of our product to the market.

Verum Ingredients participated in the NYC Food Waste Fair

We joined the event to discuss the end of food waste and business opportunities.
maca peruanaArray

Premium food ingredients from Peru in our portfolio

New partnership agreement includes flagship Peruvian fruits and botanical powders.

Yerba Mate: a native South American tradition

Beyond caffeine, the yerba mate extract is very rich in antioxidants.

South American Caffeinated Botanicals: yerba mate, guayusa and guarana

Traceable supply chains, sustainably harvested, fair traded, and organic-certified (USDA NOP).

Verum Ingredients se associa à Organis – Associação de Promoção dos Orgânicos

Reforçando nosso compromisso com cadeias de fornecimento sustentáveis.

Coconut Water Powder – a versatile ingredient

Discover the benefits and possibilities of this natural beverage, and the features of our product in this quick guide.

Acerola Powder: A Remarkable Source of Natural Vitamin C

What’s more: understand the difference among acerola powders and their applicability!

Verum Ingredients participa de programa de financiamento e capacitação da Fapesp

A atividade envolveu 21 pequenas empresas e seu encerramento foi transmitido online no YouTube.

Verum Ingredients becomes NOP certified

Several products of our portfolio will now be organic labeled in accordance with the USDA - NOP.
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