Who we are

noun: truth; adv: true, truly

Verum Ingredients was founded in 2016 with the strongest commitment to deliver true, premium food ingredients to demanding clients, and support the development of great, health-promoting products. We operate out of our offices in San Diego – CA and have an R&D Unit in the Botucatu Technology Park, located in São Paulo (Brazil).

Our Manifesto

We exist to promote and deliver novel sustainable, healthy, innovative ingredients to the marketplace. We gather enthusiastic people to help us in this crusade for innovative yet responsibly sourced and fair-traded food ingredients.

We have to make choices all the time. The food choices we make have not only the obvious impacts on our body, mind and health, but also have social and environmental implications. We wish to enhance this consciousness among our business partners so that they can make educated choices about what they consume and why. In addition to that we wish to draw attention to the uniqueness of the Brazilian biodiversity.

Humanity today faces countless challenges in every aspect. If we are to secure life, eradicate poverty, achieve ubiquitous human dignity, enhance social justice, guarantee full access to education and health, protect the environment, and tackle climate change it has never been so urgent to give room to new forms of thinking, doing business and making decisions. This awareness and these concerns are the foundation of our core values at Verum Ingredients. They permeate our business choices and practices. We run our operation guided by these principles, with confidence, joy and gratitude.
In 2015, all the United Nations member states adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a call for immediate worldwide action to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure that the entire global population experiences peace and prosperity. We want to be part of the global movement to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

Our core values as contributions to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Business Principles

Our business always operates in accordance with high ethical principles. Every strategic business decision we make considers the social and environmental impacts as well as the economic impacts.

Our Stakeholders

Our relationships with small farmers, cooperatives and industrial partners follow the same principles: transparency, fair-sharing of the financial benefits, and mutually beneficial knowledge exchange. Our clients have our full commitment to high quality products, continuous innovation, enthusiastic collaboration, and excellent customer service

Sustainable Sourcing

Our business choices consider the positive impact of responsible wild harvesting and regenerative agriculture practices. By working with organically-grown crops and wildcrafted ingredients, we want to promote environmentally responsible practices. In particular, we are very interested in promoting added-value products derived from Brazilian megadiverse biomes, as means to both support their conservation and generate income for local populations.


We firmly believe that true innovation is the result of continuous, long-term commitments. We strive to secure consistent funding for our R&D programs to develop sustainable, value-added ingredients. Our goal is to innovate with upcycled food ingredients, science-supported functional ingredients, and the promotion of novel nutrient-rich ingredients.

Giving Back

We are committed to giving back at least ten percent of our profit to the communities from where we source our ingredients. We prioritize support for educational infrastructure and teacher training programs in the communities.

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