Coconut water powder – our latest product launch

Coconut water is a refreshing and highly hydrating drink: a true natural isotonic beverage. It is fat-free, rich in electrolytes, with potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus as its main minerals. Experts recommend the inclusion of coconut water in diets: besides its hydration properties, the minerals favor bone health and the control of sodium levels in the body. Innovate your products using freeze-dried coconut water.

  • Natural Isotonic Beverage
  • Contains Potassium
  • Rich in Magnesium
  • Source of Calcium and Phosphorus


Freeze-dried coconut water can be mixed with fruits and beverages, offering multiple possibilities of applications in isotonic drinks, supplements, smoothies, shakes and teas. The use of freeze-dried coconut water in formulations is a nice alternative for the reduction or even the replacement of sugar in beverages. We highly recommend it!

Beyond high nutritional value and several proven benefits, it allows manufacturers to adopt clean labels in their electrolyte-rich products, an increasing consumer demand.

Interested? Please, contact us for more information and we will be delighted to support you.


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