Premium food ingredients from Peru in our portfolio


Verum Ingredients is proud to announce a new partnership agreement that enabled the expansion of its product portfolio to include flagship Peruvian food ingredients (fruits and botanical powders) that so beautifully represent South American food biodiversity: camu camu, maca, lucuma, and golden berry, among others.

Peru is one of the ten most diverse countries in the world. It encompasses the Amazon forest, the Andes mountains, and the Pacific coastline in a single tropical region, resulting in a variety of ecosystems and rich flora and fauna. This wealth of biodiversity is represented in the wide range of unique and exotic, flavorful and nutritious foodstuffs the country has to offer to the world, some of which Verum will now promote in accordance with our continued commitment to traceability, sustainability and fair trade.

This is a milestone for Verum and, by making this move, we not only revere the uniqueness of the South American botanicals but also add a new range of high-quality premium ingredients to our portfolio. We are delighted to offer these ingredients to the North American market from our California inventory.

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