The Organic Acerola Powder is an orange ready to use soluble powder (100% fruit, no additives). Ideal for poly vitamin products (gums and sticks), flavored beverages, and sports drinks. It can be also used in baking and as a natural meat preservative.
Acerola contains 13% natural Vitamin C and is one of the greatest natural sources of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Our product is an excellent organic source of this antioxidant (Vitamin C).
The powder is obtained from organic pasteurized acerola juice using freeze drying technique, well known for preserving food flavor, nutrients, and color. The careful freeze-drying process yields a unique and superior ingredient. 1 lb of acerola powder is equivalent to 14 lb of acerola juice.
Acerola cherry (Malpighia glabra), also known as Barbados cherry or West Indian cherry, grows on small trees and becomes red when ripe. The fruit potential has been acknowledged for decades due to its high Vitamin C content.

Freeze Dried Powder
AntioxidantsClean LabelGluten FreeNatural Vitamin COrganic & KosherTraceable
Perfect uses for Acerola
Poly Vitamin Products
Juices & Beverages
Sports Drinks

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Fruit Bars
Healthy Snacks
Organic Meat Preservative
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