Banana Slice

The Organic Banana Slice is a ready to use product. Slices are 100% fruit (no additives), and suitable to many applications like healthy snacks, energy bars, and chocolates.
Banana (Musa cavendish) is very energetic, nutritious, and is a good source of potassium. A healthy fruit with a widely appreciated taste.
Obtained from premium quality organic bananas using freeze drying technique, well known for preserving food flavor, nutrients, and color. The careful freeze-drying process yields a unique and superior ingredient.

Freeze Dried Slice
Clean LabelEnergeticGluten FreeMinerals & VitaminsOrganic & KosherTraceable
Perfect uses for Banana Slice
Healthy Snacks
Energy Bars
Confectionery & Chocolate

and more...

Cereal Bowl Mixes
Sport Snacks
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