The Organic Coffee Fruit, or coffee berry, is ideal for teas, energy drinks, flavored beverages, and sports drinks.
A very aromatic fruit containing healthy stimulants and antioxidants. Its components are linked to anti-inflammatory and immune booster effects.
The coffee fruit is organic, sustainably sourced, and traceable. The product is obtained from drying selected fruit.
The ripe coffee fruit (Coffea arabica) is a lively, red berry that envelops the coffee bean, also known as cascara. The use of green and roasted coffee beans has had a long and traditional application. Recently, growing attention has been given to the whole fruit (with or without seed), given its flavor and nutritional profile. The coffee fruit has emerged as a new superfood due to its health-promoting properties.

Dried Fruit Powder, Whole Dried Fruit
AntioxidantsClean LabelOrganic & KosherStimulantsSuperfoodTraceable
Perfect uses for Coffee Fruit
Energy Drinks
Flavored Beverages

and more...

Sports Drinks
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