The Mango Powder is a coarse yellow ready to use powder (100% fruit, no additives). Ideal for smoothies, desserts, and fruit bars.
Mango (Mangifera indica) is rich in fibers and vitamin C and has remarkable flavor and smell. Its taste and sweetness deliver a tropical touch to applications.
Obtained from mango pureé using freeze drying technique, well known for preserving food flavor, nutrients, and color. The careful freeze-drying process yields a unique and superior ingredient. 1 lb of mango powder is equivalent to 7.7 lb of mango in natura.

Freeze Dried Powder
Clean LabelDietary FibersFlavorfulGluten FreeNatural Vitamin CTropical Fruit
Perfect uses for Mango
Fruit Bars

and more...

Juices & Beverages
Confectionery & Chocolate
Sports Drinks
Ice Creams
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