Passion Fruit

The Passion Fruit Powder is a coarse yellow ready to use powder with black seeds inherent to the fruit (100% fruit, no additives). Ideal for smoothies, ice creams, and chocolates.
Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) is a distinct and elegant fruit. Its sweet and tangy taste is due to the citric and malic acids, which provide a tropical touch, and unique flavor and smell to every application.
Obtained from pasteurized passion fruit pulp using freeze drying technique, well known for preserving food flavor, nutrients, and color. The careful freeze-drying process yields a unique and superior ingredient.

Freeze Dried Powder
Clean LabelDietary FibersFlavorfulGluten FreeNatural Vitamin CTropical Fruit
Perfect uses for Passion Fruit
Sorbets & Ice Creams
Confectionery & Chocolate

and more...

Juices & Beverages
Fruit Bars
Sports Drinks
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