We offer a curated selection of nutrient-dense botanical food ingredients from South America

Working with our business partners to transparently source ingredients, develop new products, mitigate supply chain risks, and nourish sustainable business growth.

Who we can help

CPG Companies

We work with you to find the perfect fit of ingredients, applications, functional claims, and keep up with market trends. We love to interact with Product Development teams and technically support the ideation, prototyping and industrial production phases.


We offer you ingredients that are increasingly demanded and meet all food safety and quality standards. You will profit from our network of reliable manufacturing partners to mitigate any risk to the supply chain.

Contract Manufacturers

You will benefit from our local inventory and direct-from-manufacturer prices, and allow your team to focus on core manufacturing activities. We are also happy to provide tailor-made solutions for your new projects.

What we offer

Fruit Powders

Other Products
Banana Powder
Banana Slice
Camu Camu
Golden Berry
Passion Fruit

Botanicals and Extracts

Other Products
Cat’s Claw
Coffee Fruit
Guarana Extract
Guayusa Extract
Yerba Mate Extract

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What we do

We offer a curated selection of nutrient-dense botanical food ingredients from South America


We structure reliable, fair-traded supply chains of botanical ingredients. Our partners are top-of-class players with uncompromised commitment to quality, safety, and transparency.


We work together with our customers to develop new ingredients according to their technical requirements and help them formulate their new CPG products.

Success Cases

Our major commitment is to provide our customers with the best possible ingredient sourcing experience, and our highest goal and reward is to build long lasting business relationships. Here are some stories of which we are proud.

Building a New Supply Chain

We supported a CPG company at risk of a supply shortage of a freeze-dried fruit snack to develop a new supply chain in Brazil. We worked with our Brazilian manufacturing partner, Liotécnica Tecnologia em Alimentos, to cover all aspects of the project: identifying growers, raw material organic certification, processing, and final approval of product and documentation by our customer’s Quality Control team.

Developing a New Product

We worked with a local Distributor to develop an improved version of one of its top-selling products. Again, in close collaboration with Liotécnica in Brazil, we not only developed the new, improved ingredient, but a multi-ton business that has now an integrated and resilient supply chain.

Upcycling food side streams

We worked with an organic, gourmet coffee grower in Brazil to bring to the market the best coffee fruit (also known as Cascara). The coffee fruit we offer is very special: from the organic farming practices and harvesting techniques for the production of gourmet coffee, to the final steam sterilization step that delivers a flavorful ingredient with the best microbiology profile in the market.

Who we are

Ve•rum: noun: truth; adv: true, truly

Verum Ingredients was founded in 2016 with the strongest commitment to deliver true, premium food ingredients to demanding clients and support the development of great, health-promoting products.

We operate out of our offices in San Diego – CA and have an R&D Unit in the Botucatu Technology Park, located in São Paulo (Brazil).

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