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noun: truth; adv: true, truly

Verum Ingredients was founded in 2016 with the strongest commitment to deliver true, premium food ingredients to demanding clients and support the development of great, health-promoting products.

We operate out of our offices in San Diego – CA, an enterprising location with one of the highest concentrations of food scientists and companies in the world. We also have a Research and Development Unit in the Botucatu Technological Park, located in São Paulo (Brazil), where our R&D activities with functional food ingredients take place.

Our Core Expertise:

  • Raw Material Traceability
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Assurance and Food Safety (FSVP)
  • Joint Product Development and Commercial Validation
  • Sales & Customer Service

What we do


We distribute botanical food ingredients from South America
We sell premium botanical ingredients from selected South American companies, unique in their health and flavor features. Our partners are top-of-class players with uncompromised commitment to quality, safety, and transparency.

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We structure reliable, fair-traded supply chains of botanical ingredients
We work directly in structuring technical requirements, manufacturing standards, commercial models and required certifications, favoring fair trade production, sustainable exploitation of natural resources and positive social impacts. Do you need troubleshooting of your existing supply chain? Please, feel free to reach out to us.


We validate new botanical ingredients and their functional claims
In cooperation with academic specialists and supported by R&D grants, we carry out our own research programs to acquire scientific knowledge that support health claims of ingredients derived from botanical products and common agricultural byproducts.

Fruits Freeze-dried Spray-dried Dried fruit Fruit powder Organic
Camu Camu      
Coconut Water      
Golden Berry      
Passion Fruit        


Botanicals Dried fruit Powder Extract Seeds Leaf cut Juice* Organic
Cat’s Claw          
Coffee fruit        
Yerba Mate        


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What’s next

Our R&D program - Gut microbiome & health

Our R&D program, in collaboration with academic and industrial partners, focuses on agricultural byproducts as sources of potential prebiotics. We target high-volume agricultural supply chains in Brazil with large availability of byproducts and have identified some which are possible sources of new prebiotic ingredients. Moreover, upcycling these byproducts that otherwise would be discarded, creates very positive environmental impacts as well as social benefits for the local communities where these byproducts are generated.

The research activities include the detailed chemical characterization of the selected ingredients, nutritional profiling, physical-chemical analyses, and the monitoring of contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals. The prebiotic activity is indirectly measured by the formation of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) in fiber fermentation studies in the presence of gut bacteria. SCFAs are the main metabolites formed during fiber fermentation. The population of gut microorganisms is directly assessed employing Molecular Biology tools such as PCR.

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